Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has expressed joy at the recent signing of the Air Services Agreement between Barbados and India, saying it has the potential to bring the citizens of both countries together.

He made the comments recently when High Commissioner of the Republic of India, Murugesan Subashini, paid him a farewell call at Ilaro Court. Also present was India???s Honorary Consul in Barbados, Dr. Mohini Harris.

However, Mr. Stuart said there were other areas in which Barbados wanted to deepen its relations, and identified sports and youth affairs as such.

He added that he hoped a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) highlighting those areas would be concluded.?????Sports development is critical and it is a way to beneficially engage the younger cohort of our population, and India has a good record in that area,??? he stated.

The Prime Minister thanked Mrs. Subashini for the contribution she made during her tour of duty, saying she had definitely assisted with the deepening of the relationship. He pointed out that there were a number of matters that Barbados would continue to pursue with the High Commissioner???s successor.

He stressed that the citizens of Barbados had benefited from a number of scholarships from India over the years and expressed thanks for those opportunities.

Mrs. Subashini said the Air Services Agreement would pave the way for more people to people contact between both countries. She added that a few minor changes had been suggested for the MOU on other areas of cooperation and expressed hope that it would be signed soon.

The High Commissioner stated that she would like to see an improvement in trade between both countries. She noted that India was putting greater emphasis on the growth of its renewable energy sector.

Mrs. Subashini will be retiring next month, but she promised that her new focus would be assisting with women and children???s issues, especially since there were difficulties in these areas in that country, despite a growth of seven per cent in its economy.

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