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Within hours of the Public Sector Worker Option Form for the Barbados Optional Savings Scheme (BOSS) being made available, some public officers have already completed and submitted them to their respective ministries, departments and agencies.

An official of the Ministry of the Public Service said a number of forms have already been received, and many persons have called the hotline with their queries.

The option form was made available to public officers yesterday via all government websites and email blasts which went directly to the eligible officers, were sent from the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology; the Treasury Department’s Information Systems Unit; and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

The forms are available for completion by those public workers whose net monthly pay is above $3,000. Public officers are advised to check with their Accounts Section for the verification email address, where the completed form must be emailed by this Friday, June 26.

They may call 536-2677 for assistance in completing the form.  In addition, they may speak to their Accounts Section if they are unable to access the form.

The Barbados Optional Savings Scheme (BOSS) provides public sector workers with a savings or investment opportunity, where they may take a portion of their salary in bonds.


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