In an effort to control the spread of dengue fever, the Ministry of Health is urging Barbadians to guard against contracting the illness or harbouring mosquitoes on their premises.????

For the first nine weeks of this year, 135 cases of dengue fever were confirmed by laboratory testing and one death was recorded.

So, if you are experiencing symptoms such as sudden high fever, severe headaches, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain; or the symptoms of dengue haemorrhagic fever, such as bleeding from the nose, mouth and gums, frequent vomiting or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention at once.

Also, check your premises for possible mosquito breeding places and cover or dispose of containers that can hold water such as buckets, small plastic containers and drums, to reduce mosquito breeding.?? For more information on vector control or dengue fever prevention, call the Ministry of Health at 467-9366 or the polyclinic in your area.?? ??

Five hundred and seventy cases of dengue fever and four deaths were recorded last year.??This compares to 2008, when during the first nine weeks of the year, two deaths were verified and 212 cases were documented, following an epidemic in 2007.

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