Employees who know they will be rewarded for outstanding performance approach their job with greater enthusiasm and creativity, while not being appreciated is a common reason why employees move on.

This suggestion came from Minister of Health, John Boyce, as he addressed the Queen Elizabeth Hospital???s (QEH) Employee Recognition and Rewards Ceremony at the Martindales Road institution on Wednesday.

The ceremony was held as part of the hospital???s Rewarding Excellent Service Promotes Employee Commitment and Teamwork (R.E.S.P.E.C.T.) programme, which was developed to build employee engagement and morale. Mr. Boyce lauded the programme, and added that employee recognition had a ripple effect that strengthened the entire organisation.

???Employee recognition programmes can make staff members feel more connected to the company, rather than just recipients of a regular paycheck. That moves the loyalty and commitment of an employee beyond just a financial appeal,??? he maintained.

The Minister also reminded the QEH???s management team that the creation of robust employee recognition programmes must be seen as critical, and that recognition should not only be saved for special occasions but should be a common practice.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of the QEH, Louise Bobb, was also of the view that building staff pride was extremely instrumental in enabling high levels of performance.

???It is our perennial goal to ensure that we do all that we can to create the enabling environment that is conducive to promoting excitement; to encouraging willingness to accept responsibility in driving staff commitment and initiative; and to take the necessary corrective measures when things do not go as planned,??? she emphasised.

Some of the winners of the Employee Recognition Awards included Dr. Lisa Belle, who won the Chairman???s Award; and Ward B6, which captured the Excellence in Patient Care Award. The Emergency Ambulance Service was awarded for Most Outstanding Department.

There were also performances by singer Raanan Hackett, who pleased the crowd with his rendition of Give Love on Christmas Day, and the Royal Barbados Police Force Band, who delivered a medley of Christmas carols.


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