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The National Conservation Commission (NCC) has advised that the section of beach and walkway next to Blakey’s Bar & Grill, Hastings, Christ Church, will be closed to the public from Monday, January 24 to Wednesday, January 26.

This is to accommodate demolition work on the old Caribbee Hotel in Hastings by C. O. Williams Construction Limited.

The proposed work is to be carried out from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. each day. The decision to close the beach for the period of demolition was made to protect the public from injury.

Trucks and other heavy equipment will be operating in the area, removing construction materials from the demolition site. The cumulative processes will represent an elevated hazard to persons on the beach and boardwalk in this area. This effect is especially compounded at night when users may not be able to see potential hazards within the work zone.

The Commission thanks members of the public for their patience and consideration in this matter

National Conservation Commission

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