A section of an enthusiastic??audience at a previous Spirit of the Nation Show, where the Parish Ambassadors showcase their talent. (FP)

Persons interested in becoming 2013 Parish Ambassadors and Attendants are advised to contact the Community Independence Celebrations Secretariat.

Parish Ambassadors should be between the ages of 18 and 30 years old, while Attendants must be 25 years old and over. Candidates must have a sense of community pride, be willing to learn and work with others and should reside in the parish in which they are seeking selection.

Individuals desirous of representing their parishes next year are reminded of the selection criteria:

Parish Ambassadors must be enthusiastic, enterprising and community-minded; be available to participate in activities organised by the Parish Independence Committees and the Secretariat during their tenure; work with their committees in developing a community project focusing primarily on parish needs – projects must be feasible and properly documented; have a strong knowledge of their parish; possess good oral and written skills; have a keen knowledge of Barbados and its independence and national symbols and must be actively involved in community activities.

The Parish Ambassadors must be chaperoned by Attendants selected by the committees. The Attendants must be willing and available to chaperone the Ambassadors at all times; should have strong leadership skills; be articulate and able to interact socially and must have knowledge of and be willing to work within their respective parishes.

Interested persons should contact the Secretariat at 310-2700, 310-2701 or 310-2702.


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