Minister of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Kerrie Symmonds. (FP)

Minister of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Kerrie Symmonds, has congratulated the small business sector for “standing tall”, as it continues to navigate the economic storm brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He expressed his deep appreciation for the sector’s hard work and commitment during the Small Business Association’s Awards Ceremony and Networking session at Hilton Barbados and carried live on the SBA’s Facebook page.

Mr. Symmonds noted that small businesses in Barbados and across the hemisphere had weathered the “storms of shutdowns; cessation of business induced by the pandemic; the storm of trying to weather that cessation of business financially; the loss of clientele; the rising cost of inputs to business, some of which are imported into the country”.

“The challenges that you have had to overcome are several in nature and very, very significant in nature, and I have no doubt that as every business person has had to do, more particularly so, the micro and small enterprises sector because very often it is this sector that does not have the financial windfall to fall back on… Therefore, you have to toil at night; spend sleepless nights agonising over what is the next step to take; how do you adapt and how do you remain competitive,” he underlined.

The Energy and Small Business Minister intimated that the sector had demonstrated, beyond a doubt, its resilience as a whole, and he reiterated his commitment to assisting the sector.

Mr. Symmonds congratulated the winners and lauded all entrepreneurs for their commitment.

During the awards, Emora copped the Minister’s Award for Innovation; the President’s Award went to RMH Financial Consultants Inc.; Shine Automotive Incorporated was awarded the Entrepreneurship Award, while the People’s Choice Award went to Delice La Crème. 

Kimmel Jn Pierre was the lucky winner of the Public Participation Award. Also in winners’ circle were DWP Investment Barbados Limited – Business Startup Category; Safe Food Essentials – Micro Business Category; Shine Automotive Incorporated – Small Business Category, and The Barbados Pig Farmers’ Cooperative Society Limited – Group Members Award.

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