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The National Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA) observed a video making the rounds on social media showing what appears to be minors and a young adult smoking.

Although we cannot authenticate the video and determine what the substance is, the Council sees it prudent to comment on the video.

The NCSA has a zero tolerance towards the use of any substance that may cause significant harm to Barbadians’ health and safety. 

Concerning children and adolescents, their chronic use of substances significantly increases their risk of life-time experiences with and greater involvement in other illicit drug use activity; early onset of substance dependence; poorer educational and occupational outcomes; multiple health and psychiatric problems; as well as higher levels of involvement with the criminal justice system. 

We are even more concerned that now that children are away from school and in some cases unsupervised at home that they may get involved in these behaviours. We are also concerned about the irresponsible act of minors and adolescents in promoting the misuse of any substance. 

However, we also recognise that the reasons for narcotic abuse are shaped by social circumstances and experiences grounded in poverty, poor parenting, and peer pressure.

In this light, we are committed to providing effective interventions to deter these situations especially among minors and adolescents.

These interventions include evidence-based drug education programmes to primary and secondary school aged population, the wider community as well as counselling services to families who experience psychological and social problems as a result drug use.

We are always available if anyone needs help: 535-6272.

National Council on Substance Abuse

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