The strengths and weaknesses of Barbados??? District Emergency Organisations (DEOs) are under consideration by Minister of Home Affairs, Adriel Brathwaite.

Speaking during the Roving Response Team???s 20th anniversary breakfast awards ceremony at Radisson Aquatica yesterday, Mr. Brathwaite said he asked the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) to look at the emergency framework of the DEOs.

???They have provided me with a paper in terms of where they would like to take the DEOs in Barbados, [but], we have not yet made a firm decision,??? he told those present.

However, he pointed out that one of Government???s primary concerns was the varied strengths and weaknesses of the island???s 30 DEOs.

???We want to say that all the DEOs are at an acceptable level in Barbados, and where there is an event, be it in St. Lucy or St. Philip we would have confidence knowing that there is a mechanism in place to respond. That is what we are working towards,??? the Minister said.

Meanwhile, Director of the DEM, Judy Thomas, called on members of the Roving Response Teams to join DEOs at the constituency level, stressing that they needed that kind of support and expertise found within the body.

She added that the Roving Response Team had now come of age, and had become one of the catalysts for a community preparedness programme for Barbados.

???The DEM will continue to provide the support needed. Barbados feels secure knowing a volunteer organisation is leading the way,??? she said.

The objectives of the Roving Response Team, include working in close collaboration with and in support of the DEM; providing emergency response support to agencies and organisations; providing members with the appropriate knowledge and skills, and developing and maintaining team spirit communication skills.

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