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Companies and individuals seeking to donate devices for the Google G Suite Tech Drive for Education Project should liaise with the Ministry of Education Technological and Vocational Training (METVT), or Haigh Communications Inc. the public relations firm retained to assist with the project.

The Ministry expresses sincere appreciation for the efforts by all who wish to contribute to the continuation of education, which switched to emergency remote learning as a result of the current global pandemic, COVID-19.

In an effort to ensure that children in need are provided with the required devices and guarantee that all students have access to requisite equipment, the Ministry has prepared a priority list and has put the necessary protocols in place to avoid the duplication of the distribution of devices.

These protocols include security measures on the devices in the event that they are stolen, misplaced, or require technical support. Additionally, parents will be required to sign responsibility agreements on behalf of their children.

The Ministry is therefore appealing to donors for closer communication, and ask that they contact Haigh Communications Inc. at 836-4629, or email joyann.haigh@gmail.com to ensure seamlessness of the donating process, and that no child is left behind.

The METVT again thanks the donors and the computer stores for their continued assistance, cooperation and support.

Ministry of Education Technological and Vocational Training

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