Field statisticians from the Productivity Council will be conducting interviews in the four key economic areas for its Macro-Productivity Indicators Project from next week. Beginning on Monday, March 16, enumerators from the Productivity Council will be in the field collecting data within the four sectors – accommodation, manufacturing, wholesale and retail and the financial services industries. The exercise is designed to provide accurate statistical data on productivity output, labour hours, compensation and absenteeism in the major economic sectors across Barbados.

The Macro-Productivity Indicators Project, which focuses on the development of a measurement methodology for productivity, will be conducted by the Research and the Business Development Services Unit arm of the Productivity Council.

The main objectives of the survey are: to develop individual productivity performance reports for companies responding to the National Survey of Productivity and to give advice to companies about strategies for improving productivity (using inter and intra-industry reference points and benchmarks). It will also seek to identify an approach to measure productiveness at the macro level; and to advocate and promote productivity measurement as a tool to improve organisational performance. It will also provide a comprehensive assessment of how the human, physical and technological resources are being used to generate sustainable economic growth.

Companies are being asked to facilitate the interviews as requested by enumerators. Further information on the survey may be obtained by calling the Productivity Council at 426-3374.

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