Officials from several Government Ministries, State tender boards and other agencies working in the field of Public Procurement will benefit from a one-day training workshop next Monday, May 23.

It will take place at the Barbados Community College, ???The Eyrie???, Howell???s Cross Road, St. Michael, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

The workshop is an output of the CARIFORUM-EU Capacity Building Project, which is funded under the 10th European Development Fund.

It will equip participants with a very basic knowledge of Public Procurement; knowledge of developments at the regional level; the procurement provisions of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA); as well as an understanding of their role in the successful implementation of these measures in inter-regional and international trade.

Enhanced knowledge of Public Procurement is considered vital in the context of Procurement reforms and bilateral trade agreements where Public Procurement is increasingly on the agenda, especially the CARIFORUM-EU EPA.

The level I training is being facilitated by the International Procurement Institute (INPRI), an international public procurement training institution, located in Jamaica. Adrian Chin, an expert in the area of Public Procurement, and one of the INPRI???s Associate Instructors, will conduct the training session.

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