For the last decade, the Urban Development Commission has transformed some vulnerable communities in urban Barbados to more vibrant districts with modern social amenities.

To mark this milestone, the Commission will hold a week of activities from Sunday, August 22 to Saturday, August 28, under the theme "Urban development Commission Committed to Improving Urban Barbados".?? A church service at the New Dimension Ministries, the Transformation Centre, Barbarees Hill, St. Michael will start the week, which will include a public lecture, a community outreach programme, customer and staff appreciation days and a Community Greening Day. To culminate the week of activities, the UDC will host a Family Fun Day for its staff and their relatives.

??In August 2007, Barbados saw the creation of an organisation that would play a major role in the fight to alleviate poverty, particularly in ???urban Barbados’.

The Urban Development Commission (UDC), was developed in August 2007, under the aegis of the Ministry of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment, Urban and Rural Development (formerly Ministry of Social Transformation), to redevelop and improve the standard of living of persons in urban districts, and to restore the healthy community life that once thrived there.

Over the years, these areas had become densely populated, changing somewhat negatively, the visual appearance and quality of life there. As a result, the urban community needed restoration and renewal.

Under the Urban Development Commission Act 1997, the Commission was mandated, among other things, to construct, maintain and repair buildings; provide housing; improve social amenities; develop recreational activities and execute plans for redevelopment.

Hence, a number of services and programmes were implemented aimed to enhance the physical landscape and to empower residents. These included house repair and replacement services, transfer of titles support services, urban renewal services, beautification projects and environmental outreach programmes.

Now in its 13th year, the UDC still strives to make a positive impact on the island’s social development through the uplifting of residents in urban Barbados. The agency will be introducing new social and community development programmes, and through its team of dedicated and committed personnel, will continue to provide efficient, effective and professional services.

Further information on the UDC’s week of activities can be obtained at, and

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