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Members of the public are advised that there will be changes in the operations at the Welfare Department from Wednesday, February 3, to Wednesday, February 17.

The department will be providing emergency services only for food, fire, evictions and burials. Only its headquarters at Weymouth Corporate Centre, located at the corner of Country Road and Roebuck Street, St. Michael, will be opened to the public for the processing of emergency requests.

Persons should call the telephone numbers at headquarters – 535-1000, 535-1023 and 535-1026, for assistance. First time applicants are encouraged to apply online by clicking here.    

The Welfare Department further advises that its officers will only make essential visits in the event of fire and requests for burial assistance.

Social assessments of clients will be conducted via telephone or other electronic means. Department personnel will inform clients via telephone of when and where to collect their vouchers.

Meanwhile, persons who are due to receive adult diapers during the period of the “national pause” are asked to visit the department for early collection.


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