Selah Primary School achieved the ‘double’ when it emerged the winner in both categories of the annual Fisherman’s Day Poster Competition for primary schools.

According to Fisheries Assistant with the Fisheries Division, Angelia Graham, the St. Lucy –based primary school placed first in both the eight to nine, and the nine to 11 year categories of the competition which ended on June 13; while the Good Shepherd and Gordon Greeninge Primary Schools copped the second and third spots, respectively in both age-groups.

Raneisha Trotman, who held the Selah flag high, emerged the winner in the eight to nine category, while Thema Archer and Annissa Ram of Good Shepherd Primary in St. James , placed second and third, respectively, in that age group.

For the seniors, however, it was Regina Newsam who upheld Selah’s dominance when she claimed the top prize. Gordon Greenidge’s Haniel Cumberbatch and Shanice Hurley placed second and third, respectively, in this category.

In commenting on the competition, Ms. Graham noted that while there was a “low response” from schools this year, with many of the traditional ones not participating, “the entries received were of a high quality”.

The students, who  paid their  own unique tribute to those men and women who serve in the fishing industry, were asked to incorporate the theme for this year’s Fisherman’s Day celebrations ‘Fisheries and the Challenges of Climate Change for the Caribbean’ and the sub-theme for the poster competition: “What can we do to mitigate potential impact”.

Topics which students were able to depict, included, but were not limited to: Proper disposal of waste (engine oil, discarded nets, equipment, garbage, etc.’, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, NULL, NULL, 0); Recycling of paper, glass, metal and plastic; Practical energy saving measures and Using bio-degradable fish nets reduce all forms of pollution.

Fisherman’s Day, which is observed annually on June 29, usually coincides with the Feast of St. Peter, the Patron Saint of Fishers, and is observed in most Caribbean islands.

Commemorative activities to mark the occasion vary among nations.  In the case of Barbados, one of the key activities slated for this year’s celebration is a Thanksgiving Church Service.

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