Effective communication skills are an asset for job seekers and budding entrepreneurs.

This advice was given to finalists in the upcoming WorldSkills Barbados Competition during a personal development and communications workshop held at the TVET Council (TVETC) Barbados, Hastings House West, Balmoral Gap, Hastings, Christ Church.

During the session, participants learnt how to conduct themselves in radio, television and print media interviews; how to interact on social media sites; and the do’s and don???ts for job interviews.

Public Relations/Media Relations Consultant, Fay Cooke Nurse, who facilitated the workshop, said it was beneficial to the finalists because it prepared them for what to expect during and after the competition.

???During the competition, they will need to explain to the audience why they are in the competition and what they hope to gain. After the competition, they will be going into the world of work; they will need to show employers that they have what it takes to join their organisation. Finalists will need to show potential clients and customers that they are business people who are capable of delivering their services,??? she added.

Describing the 20 youngsters as eager, she said they were enthusiastic about learning and that they would be valuable assets to any organisation or business.??

The WorldSkills Barbados Competition 2016 will take place from May 13 to 16, during BMEX at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. Finalists from the Barbados Vocational Training Board and the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic will take part in live competition in one of four skill areas: Automotive Technology, Culinary Arts, Garment Making and Hairdressing.

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